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Meet Angie

For nearly 15 years, Mindset Maven and owner of Harmony Harbor Coaching, Angie Monko, works with accomplished female financial advisers who want to replace harmful habits with healthy ones so they can feel calm, confident and in control.

By helping them to adopt a “Worthy Self-Advocate” mindset, they bridge the gap from feeling overwhelmed by all of their responsibilities to feeling safe, supported and fulfilled. As a result, they upgrade their quality of life–making MORE money, having MORE joy, as they learn to relax and work LESS.

Her clients report having harmonious relationships, feeling much healthier and energetic, and some have even doubled, tripled and quadrupled their income.

Angie creates a safe space to help driven women upgrade their quality of life through her workshops, retreats, coaching and online programs.

By learning to confidently set boundaries that bless them AND others, they are able to ditch the guilt and shame and gain much more energy, peace of mind, and joyfully expand their experience of life. Consequently, as they begin to feel more peace, joy, fun, freedom and relaxation and create a fulfilling life on THEIR terms, they have a much greater impact on others.

They learn a Proven Blueprint Process to stand taller in their unique gifts and strengths, shining their own light as a happy role model, so that others can follow.

Angie is an expert in mind and emotions, a seasoned emotional freedom technique practitioner, certified hypnotist and certified healing code practitioner.

Topic Expertise

  • Empowering Women to Set Boundaries that Bless Them
  • Overcoming Overwhelm
  • Finding Family Harmony
  • Becoming a Worthy Self-Advocate
  • Prosperity Thinking to Be Your Best