Meet Hayley

Hayley Sohn is a nutritionist and health coach, with a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from the University of Missouri. She has been working in the field of nutrition, education and public speaking since 2011 and as a health coach and ready-made meal service since 2015. Hayley enjoys speaking about nutrition and health; specifically creating a healthy body and lifestyle, taking the hassle out of the kitchen and clarifying the confusing world of nutrition.

After years of inundation with the deteriorating health of the nation and listening to the negative feedback of those failing at diet after diet, Hayley decided to use her knowledge of nutrition and cooking to create meals for her friends and co-workers that met their specific dietary needs. Two years later, after seeing so many achieve their nutrition goals while enjoying her food, Basically It Ready Made Meals was born. Hayley’s meal service aims to help each individual take the confusion out of dieting, their time out of the kitchen and help them reach their goals with ease. She loves spreading the word of health, through her meals and public speaking. She makes nutrition fun, enjoyable and doable, because we all deserve to live our healthiest lives!

Topic Expertise

  • Nutrition and health
  • Weight loss and diets
  • How to eat for health
  • Nutrition clarification
  • Cooking and kitchen basics