Meet John

Cold Calling Strategy Specialist
Business Owner, Author and Telemarketing Trainer

The very word or idea of Sales often strikes terror in the heart of many and stress in the heart of every business owner. And yet sales are your very lifeblood!

Cold calling strategy specialist, author, speaker and business owner John Eyres helps individuals overcome their fear of cold calling and improve results.

Sharing skill sets and knowledge to become successful on the phone, John Eyres delivers high impact principles to cause an upswing in meetings, a stronger pipeline, higher sales volume and an increase in revenues.

John founded Business Connections Consulting in 2007 after being downsized four times in seven years. The virtual outbound telemarketing company has grown to ten part time calling contractors. John is committed to helping people realize their potential and power to master their phone calling talents to achieve their business goals, create new business, close more deals and make the money they desire.

John crafted an 18-page workbook entitled The Art and Science of Cold Calling, to teach people the fine points of telemarketing, thus have an edge on their competition.

John is the author of a new book Master Your Cold Calls, 52 Ways to Increase Sales. John’s training systems are taught through 1on1 and group coaching, seminars and learning programs. Attendees and participants experience how to take control of their fear issues and become calling gurus with the tools to achieve the results they envision.

John’s past and current professional affiliations include: Experts for Entrepreneurs (E4E), Facility Operators & Service Providers, (FOSPA), St. Louis Ambassadors, Business Development Group, Mastermind Group of St. Louis.