It’s Easy As 1 – 2 – 3

Step One

Search our speakers to find the perfect match.

Step Two

Contact the speaker and get them booked.

Step Three

Have a great event and look like a hero.

  • Save time and money

    City of Experts saves you countless hours and money by providing a go-to resource for your event’s speaking needs. No need for a Call for Speakers form, sifting through all the submissions, and wondering if they’ll show up (much less know what they’re talking about!)

  • YOU determine who is right for your needs

    While we would be happy to suggest and match a speaker for your event, you are free to view all of our members so you can determine who you want to use for whatever reason.

  • Variety of experts and speakers

    We have a variety of experts from all kinds of backgrounds and industries. Not just motivational speakers, but almost every professional speakers that are business leaders, technical gurus, educators, authors and so many others that are subject matter experts who want to share what they know or have experienced.

  • We’ve done the legwork

    We vet our experts and speakers and bring them together in one place so you have a go-to list for your event or media needs.

  • Find professional speakers quickly

    Our experts are local to St Louis, and most can be available with little notice, depending on your needs. This is perfect for media that need comments for current stories or last minute cancellations.

  • Perfect for any organization on a budget

    You’ll find speakers to fit any budget. Beyond our seasoned speakers and experts, we also have many emerging professional speakers who will captivate, inspire, teach or just entertain your audience for free. It doesn’t get better than that!

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